Gajdos Egri Bikavér – Bio

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Ruby red red dry red wine. After 3 years of aging with oak barrels, the acid structure and the velvety tannins are well received. Its scent is predominantly spicy. Spiceiness and fruity are present in both tastes. Nice long sip, high maturation potential.



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About Gajdos Winery
Bio Winery which is located in the Egri Wine Region, Egerszalok. They come from the Andornaktálya and Ostoros-Novaj vineyards. The winery believes that its bio wines not only serve for pleasure but also have a positive effect on our health status. They have a total area of 57 hectares: Chardonnay, Blauburger, Kékfrankos and Cabernet Franc varieties.


Gastronomical suggestion: It is a dry, relatively characteristic red wine, so it is recommended to eat beef and venison. No problem, especially if the food is spicy!
Grilled dishes are best served freshly. The wine offered should be 16-18 ° C.

Gastronomical suggestion

Rosemary, onion, lamb, Coq au vin, Catfish
A well-chosen, fictitious fish can be a real breakout, with a bull's blood, a dogma of ``red meat with red wine, white meat with white wine``.


Gajdos, Hungary

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