Gróf Buttler Phantom Grand Superior 2012

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TERROIR: Our mostly valued vineyard, the Nagy-Eged gave the fruits for the best wine of 2012, which has got the enigmatic name of Phantom. In 2012 the Phantom is a cuvée, which is based on Syrah. Cabernet franc gives complexity and Pinot noir gives elegance. Th Phantom is a barrel selection of the best wines from excellent fruit and exceptionnal terroir. Only 2000 bottles are available. VINEYARD NAGY-EGED
Soil: rendzina soil, Triassic limestone, Triassic-Eocene, clay
Exposure: Southern
Slope: 8-35%
Plantation: 2003
Area under cultivation: 18ha
Cultivation: lowhead training system with short spurs vines with stakes, low and mid-height cordon WINEMAKING: Gróf Buttler wines are produced by traditional wine-making methods, preserving the values and the exceptional quality of the grapes. Particular attention is paid to the integrity of the grapes during harvest and this approach is upheld throughout the entire winemaking process. After the small-box manual harvest, skipping the pressing and filtering stages, we de-stem the blue grapes, gently crush and ferment them in vast with manual punching down. After the maceration, we draw off the free-run juice and mellow it in excellent quality oak barrels. Apart from minimal amount of sulphur, no other chemicals are added to the wine, even the fermentation process takes place spontaneously, utilizing natural yeast. ANALITICS: Alcohol: 16 %
Acidity: 5,4 g/l
Extract: 30 g/l TASTING NOTES: Deep ruby colour! In the nose black berries, spices and chocolate are the dominant flavours. Extremely concentrated and dense wine. We can really realize the quality after tasting. Manifold spices, gorgeous aroma of intense chocolate, black berries and discreet minerality. Very long aftertaste. It is still young with superb ageing potential.


Best serving temperature is 17-18 °C


Gróf Buttler, Hungary

Gastronomical suggestion

It does not request food next to it, complexity and well-balanced can be a great partner together dark chocolate, or even if you want it can go well with any kind of sophisticated dish as well.

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