Cabernet Francs from Villány (Szeptember)

I tasted these three, very different Cabernet Francs from Villány this past weekend.

Wassmann Villányi Cabernet Franc 2015 is produced biodynamically. Leather and tobacco. Blackberry and blackcurrant, violets and liquorice. The wine has a herbaceous touch to it, too. Adds nerve and energy to the wine.

Velvety tannins.

Bocor Villányi Franc 2015 shows definite signs of developments with tawny rims. Ripe or even stewed blackberry boysenberry and plum. Sensed a sweet almond/marzipan note on the nose. The wine is juicy with a less tannic expression and a slightly herbal finish.

Riczu Villányi Franc 2017 shows ripe blackberry and blackcurrant, jammy plum as well as sweet oaky aromas such as vanilla, coffee and chocolate. Sweet and ripe tannins and a high level of alcohol giving the wine a big body. This will improve over the next years.



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