Csaba Vesztergombi

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The Vesztergombi family has been growing grape and making wines  since the 1700’s, according to written records. The family coat of arms of this time clearly refers to the wine-growing, wine-tale history.
Gyorgy Vesztergombi was chosen to be the Szekszard wine region’s first hegybiro, “hill judge”,  which was recognised as a highly respected and professional position at that time. The following generations of the family continued his level of expertise and great care in grape growing and wine making.
 The winemaker, Ferenc Vesztergombi, has been a professional winemaker since 1970. His work and expertise gained recognition in 1993 with the prestigious “Wine Maker of the Year” award, and since 2012 he has been Szekszárd’s honorary citizen of the city. In 1996, his son Csaba also joined the winery.
 The winery was founded in 1992 as a limited partnership. We now have 27 hectares of vineyard and, regardless of the economic form, we still believe that this is a true family business, and we intend to continue in this way.



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