Flóra Jekl


The Jekl family have been making wines since 1984, when they bought their first small plot of land and started to „practice”. These times were to become some of young Flora Jekl’s earliest memories, as the family bought up more and more land and their successes and confidence grew.  This led them to open their own winery and start to produce wines, while Flora finished her academic studies and threw herself into the culture of winemaking, tasting and judging. Her interest in gastronomy also grew through these years, as she did her apprenticeship in Northern Italy and graduated from the Budapest Hortcultural University in 2005. Her defining moment came in 2006, when she set her mind to making her first wine, 100 litres of Rosé matured in a glass bottle, followed closely by a red cuvée. Then the only problem was what to call her creations, and after much thought Flora, inspired by her time in Italy, decided to call it Il Primo- my first wine. Of course by this time it was two wines, closely followed by two more, so the child became a family, the Il Primo wine range, Flora’s pride and joy…




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