Gábor Kardos

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My family can trace it’s roots in Mád in the Tokaj region back over 200 years, and for generations the grapes and wine of Mád provided our living. The official Kardos and Son winery was founded by my father in 1989, and for a long time our wines were principally sold and consumed in our own local wine bar. As I took more control in the concern from the mid 2000’s, we placed more emphasis on limiting our output, repeated selection of vines, and carefully selected repeated harvesting in order to fully utilise the extraordinary natural properties of the area. Our main profile is making characteristic dry white wines, and late harvested dessert wines. We only make Aszú wine in years of exceptional quality and in limited amounts. Our wines have been extremely well received by experts and connaisseurs, giving us the confidence and peace of mind to continue along the road we have chosen.


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