Péter Frittmann

The Frittmann family has settled down in Soltvadkert in the early 1700s from Baden-Württenberg province of Germany. The family has been growing vines and producing wines without interruption ever since this time, in the heart of Hungary’s largest wine region, in the Kunság.

Frittmann wines are produced in a family venture owned by two well-known winemakers: István and János. Nowadays the younger generations also have leading roles at the winery, their aim to bring their international professional experiences and knowledge to create innovative ideas.

Thanks to the typical soil characteristics of Soltvadkert, the ratio of the reductive, intensively fruity white and rose wines is outstanding, but there are many matured ones as well - that shows the potential of the wine region.

Frittmann Péter is a viticultural and oenological engineer, 4st generation winemaker in the Great Plain, with experience in viticulture and grape processing from several European countries.
“The most important for a winemaker to produce the best from the vintage and to show the value of the vine variety.”

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